A Revolution In Dry Cleaning
Personal Items, Household Items.Picked up & Delivered to your door.

Looking good is important to everyone. From perfectly pressed jeans to “Sunday best” suits and dresses, from silk blouses to leather trimmed coats, clothing helps individuals define who they are and how they feel about themselves.
Today’s busy consumers rely on the convenience of quality dry cleaning services to look their best for business and casual occasions.
BasketCase is convenient and easy to use. Once a service area for Pick-up and Delivery is designated at your Home or Office, you need only complete two steps:

  1. Leave your Dry Cleaning, in your BasketCase laundry bag, with a completed order slip at your designated pick-up area. Special instructions regarding stains or repairs should be noted. 
  2. Pick-up your Dry Cleaning on the next scheduled service day in the designated area.

    BasketCase offers additional services such as cleaning leathers, rug cleaning, drapery cleaning, smoke removal, pillow cleaning, wedding gown preservation, Clothing alterations and Shoe Repairs.


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